The Yoga Collective St. Augustine grew out of a desire to bring together a community with a collective thought and energy. The Yoga Collective St. Augustine is a studio that truly believes everyone can benefit from practicing YOGA. Starting as a small HOT studio that fit 18 people, fast forward to today, we are a studio with 2 rooms that fits over 60 people at a time, with over 40 classes a week, offering all styles of Yoga. Make yourself at home in our lobby and connect with friends and teachers before and after practice. The YOGA Collective St. Augustine's goal is to empower individuals by teaching a safe practice that students of all levels can maintain throughout their lives. The Yoga Collective is an independently owned and operated yoga studio. We have been, and will continue to be, thoroughly dedicated to the amazing yoga series which is Bikram Yoga and we are excited to add yoga of all styles to our collective energy.

2 rooms, one Hot, one Not, all styles of yoga, workshops, trainings, and more! Any teachers interested in holding space with us for classes, workshops, seminars please contact 


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Kate ViVenzio

Kate ViVenzio Kate found Yoga after years of searching for the right thing, the next best thing, anything. Practicing other styles of Yoga in St. Augustine for a couple years, and after hearing through a friend of the amazing benefits of Bikram Yoga, Kate took her first Bikram Yoga class in summer of 2001. She was immediately hook and each day took her back. Kate started working at the studio, at the desk, cleaning anything she could do to be there more. And the Yoga started working for her, things started changing, she started changing, and she realized this is what she was meant to become. A teacher. In Spring of 2003 Kate headed to LA for the nine weeks that would change her forever. In 2006 she became the owner of Bikram Yoga St. Augustine, and a new chapter of her life started, a studio owner. This Yoga has given Kate the life she has right now, health, body, mind, and family. Kate is excited to be moving forward and rebranding her studio to The Yoga Collective. The Yoga Collective is a coming together of all styles of Yoga and a Collective thought energy and community.

OFF the mat Kate is a Mom to two rocking little girls Zoey Anna and Kaila Mae.